It’s every manager ’s nightmare. The day someone you’ve been investing in, mentoring, and coaching decides to fly the coop for greener pastures. We know this is inevitable. Our team members grow up, developing career paths. They can develop their role in the company and go ahead. However, not all companies can provide employees with a chance to develop at a certain stage. Under the current trends, people leave their jobs much faster than before.

Support staff

Congratulate them on their new gig and new opportunity. They’ve worked hard to reach this point. Even if you wish they were staying, honor that they’ve accomplished something great in their career, with you by their side. Now it’s time to let the bird fly.

Thank for your employees

Remember all the details that your employees have made in the development of the company. As manager emphasize their best qualities. Thank them for the time that your team has dedicated. Tell them that the process of working with them is pleasant to you.

Stay inquisitive

Now that you have made clear that you are supportive and grateful, it’s safe to get curious about what they’re excited about taking on next. This is also a good time to ask for input on what wasn’t working well in their current role. Remember, maybe employees were not ready for frank talks and sharing information. As a manager try to open them as much as possible. This will help you and your team to correct and improve errors in the long run. You may speak openly with you but do not come to the staff, but don’t be surprised if nothing concrete comes out of it. Many departing employees are reluctant to share any negative feedback on their way out for fear of burning bridges. You can ask what they will get from the new role. This will allow you to learn what you can not offer them.

Respect their decision

Whether they renege on the offer they’d taken or stay committed to leaving the company, honor their decision and assume it’s the right path for them. If they’re going, plan a farewell gathering to thank this person for their hard work.

Learn about employees’ interests

Sometimes the employee is dissatisfied, but not ready to leave the company. They want to stay, but they are afraid of your team where is not capable of what they want. They will try to find other jobs and raise wages. Make sure they want to leave the team. Maybe they just want to change the role of the team or increase the salary. If you can solve the problem with such issues and keep your employer, do it. Don’t cancel one-on-one meetings just because they’re leaving. You want to remain supportive for as long as they are part of your team. This is a sign of respect and the right thing to do. In our increasingly networked professional circles, it’s also the smart thing to do. You never know: they could be your boss someday.

Do not be strict about yourself

When the employee leaves the company it does not mean that you do something wrong. Sometimes it means that you prepare them for their new opportunities, challenges, transition to the next stage, which is no longer available in your company. Learn from your mistakes. Better support your team, create a successful environment and keep moving forward.